Art Shop


Peekz Art Shop was based of a vision. 


Patricia Reynolds created her own Art  busi­ness called Peekz Art. She started mak­ing and sell­ing jew­elry in the sum­mer of 2011 collecting used jewelry, beads, findings and stones. Unpacking boxes from her apartment in Manhattan to New Jersey she found herself with more time to create art and pick up a new skills. Now, she dedicates her time to also heal herself and others through meditation practices and chakra healing. She creates handmade jewelry with gemstones, healing crystals, and wire wrappings. Each creation is unique because of the positive energy that flows from her creative process. It is important for her to create jewelry with healing crystals that assist in healing the Mind (emotionally), Body (physically) and Soul (spiritually.)

Display at Raw Artist Showcase NYC

Her real inspi­ra­tion to sell and make jew­elry is from her best friend, Tangie, who died in a car acci­dent at 19 years old. PK was also in the car with her but she was for­tu­nate enough to sur­vive. In the hos­pi­tal after the acci­dent PK’s friends and fam­ily came to see her and some­how they all brought her sun­flow­ers coin­ci­den­tally; so in remem­brance of her best friend and her acci­dent she got a tat­too of a sun­flower on the back of her neck to remind her that life is short.  Tangie’s death pushed her towards art mak­ing and sell­ing jew­elry so that in a sense her best friend still lives in the spirit of Peekz creations.The best thing about Peekz Art is that she not only makes jewelry for women, but also men too and with her creative and inno­v­a­tive ideas she is able to appeal both sexes. Her stands are full of all dif­fer­ent kinds of jew­elry from neck­laces to rings, to bracelets and they are very col­or­ful. She also has a wide vari­ety of pieces that may suit many dif­fer­ent styles and she is will­ing to adjust some bracelets so that her cus­tomers can have the per­fect fit.

Artist : Elaine Reinoso

Peekz has collaborated with other artists to vol­un­teer their time face paint­ing for events in the community. Peekz says ” Face painting opens your eyes to a world of masks, We give a magical experience where you can be what you want even if it is just for  a day! For children magic, goes hand in hand with imagination and that is something we love to keep alive! “Her moti­va­tion to sell jew­elry and work with the community  is fueled by her desire to create a path for artist in the com­mu­nity. She uses her crafts to  fund for her Fine Art dream. Peekz wants to even­tu­ally have her own artist orga­ni­za­tion with a bou­tique in the front. The boutique will help fund for the supplies for art workshops she wants to run for chil­dren and Adults in the com­mu­nity. As for now, She cur­rently sells her work at craft fairs and on Etsy. She enjoys mak­ing peo­ple feel good and uplift­ing the spir­its of others that comes through in her creations. At the end of her day she wants to inspire and motivate people to do what they love because “ Dreams make us who we are! “ Peekz





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