About the Artist

Art Director Patricia Arias-Reynolds
    A 31 year old artist and Alumni at Rutgers Newark. She is        also known as “PK” to her family and friends back in New Jersey. Her family originates from Costa Rica and Panama. She has been painting since 2007, through out high school and continued to pursue a degree in the arts at the School of Visual Arts where she attended for two years. Living in New York City had a great impact on her work she soon discovered she enjoyed expressing herself through color. She graduated with her BFA from Rutgers – Newark. Her work  currently is influenced  by the Asian pain ting techniques , nature and  and the Latino culture.  She has exploring Installation techniques to bring a three dimensional aspect to her work. When painting  she uses vivid colors to convey her feelings to captivate her experience through her subject matter. As a creator she says ” It is important for her  to constantly be exploring with different mediums, and opportunities.”  Her  goal is to inspire and motivate artists to do what they love because at the end of the day “Dreams make us who we are! ” Peekz.
 Peekz Art Shop was founded  in 2012. She has made difference in the Newark community by contributing her passion through the arts. She has been attended the Creation Nation Peace and Art Parade for three years.In the Ironbound section of Newark, she is Group Leader and Art Instructor at the Ironbound Community Corporation  summers arts program. During Newark Open Doors arts festival she has participated her work in the Ironbound Multi Cultural Arts Festival.


Throughout her  experience working with the children her passion to teach children art has grown tremendously and is determined to continue to inspire and motivate the youth within the arts. She continues to have her work displayed through out galleries in Newark New Jersey.  Ultimately Patricia’s biggest goal to become an Art Director for an Non-Profit Arts Organization in Newark NJ/New York City.

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