About the Artist

Patricia Arias- Reynolds is a Collage and Mosaic Artist who creates contemporary creations from paper and glass for galleries and decoration. Reynolds did her postgraduate work in Fine Arts at Rutgers University-Newark. Not only has she curated and participated in group shows in the area, but she has exhibited her works at the Paul Robeson galleries, Monmouth University, Gallery Aferro, and Pop-UP shows in the New Jersey and New York region.  Newark inspired her passion as an Artist Educator and creating art-based projects within the community. In recent years, she has been displaying her work in Central America and studying Mosaic art at Vitrocolor Glass Studio in San Jose, Costa Rica.

 “El Jardin de las Diosas Collection ”, (The Garden of the goddess) is collaged from national geographic magazines, digital prints, and found paper. These works are inspired by empowered Iconic Latina women glorified in a vivid environment. The works attempt to manifest internal energy that plays with life and death. As a Latinx artist, I am creating these collages with floral decor to honor their memory. 

Pkays Mosaics Collection “ are mosaic works created from glass and ceramic material. This creative process of collage was inspired when traveling through Costa Rica. In more recent years, Glass and ceramic tiles are my new collage form, shifting my creative approach to the art of mosaics. My works attempt to show the beauty of nature in a different medium. Cutting the glass is a delicate part of the process. I put together each one piece at a time. Through this detailed part of the process of placing each piece, I discover new paths. That is the beautiful part about such mosaic work you either get lost through the process or even found in it.

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